Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

hope that the first two weeks of school have been productive and that you are getting better at rolling out of bed before the sun is up.  Personally, I find the return to a routine a welcome change after the bustle of the summer vacation and it probably is time for me to stop consuming entire bags of chips while I binge watch House of Cards.

As we discussed at our opening meeting, the negotiation committee continues to work on producing a Unit A contract which addresses and provides forward movement on the issues most relevant to our teaching staff.  Those would include: teacher protection, class sizes and teacher workload.  We are making progress.  Last night we met with the school committee to discuss our concerns with some of their suggestions.  We will continue to chip away at this.  I remain confident that an agreement will be ready for ratification very soon.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the LEA's new MTA Field Representative, Alex Lomaglio.  Our former rep, Brad Brousseau, has transferred to the MTA Holyoke office.  Alex is a seasoned MTA staff member and we will be a stronger, savvier team having Alex on board.  Another interesting tidbit concerning Mr. Lomaglio - not only did he previously serve as the LEA rep years ago - he also was a teacher for the Lee Public Schools.  Welcome home, Alex!

Also, please consider volunteering for one of the many committee opportunities with the LEA.  The strength of our union is dependent on the involvement of the membership.  The time commitment and tasks involved are varied.  I hope you can find something that will work for you.  Please feel free to use the form attached here to sign up.  I have left the committee rosters from last year on the site in case you are like me and have trouble remembering that far back.  Thanks for your help in advance.

Secondly, MTA has asked the LEA to staff an information booth during Founders Weekend as a part of the "Keep the Cap" - Vote NO on #2 efforts.  We discussed this initiative during our first meeting also.  As I mentioned at that time, the impact of a charter school opening in southern Berkshire would be catastrophic to our local communities fiscally.  All local unions in the state are being asked to pitch in on this campaign.  Most locals have to work a call bank, canvas local neighborhoods, or call parents. Personally, I think each of those options is painful, so I am grateful for our assignment. Please sign up for a shift!  It is one hour, you will be with others and all you have to do is hand a flyer to people that stop to talk.  Easy-peezy. Once again, use the sign up form below.

Again, welcome back!