Important reminder......

A few things to remember as we move into the final weeks of school -

  • If you are asked to attend a meeting with an administrator which you feel at any level or point could be an investigation or a disciplinary issue I strongly recommend you insist on having LEA REPRESENTATION.  This representation is to be the person YOU would like to have in the meeting, not whomever the administration suggests.  YOU pick the person and if that means the meeting has to wait - it has to wait - THIS IS YOUR RIGHT.
  • Prior to the meeting, you have the right to know what the meeting is to be about.  YOU NEED TO INSIST on this information.  I strongly suggest you contact a LEA officer if you are not given this information.  Once again - THIS IS YOUR RIGHT.
  • The administration needs to divulge what the issue is, how they have investigated the matter and interview you for your side PRIOR to handing out any type of discipline, verbal or written.  
  • You also get to know how the administration was made aware of the alleged behavior.  In other words, you are allowed to know who reported what to administration.  There is no such thing as an anonymous tip or “it’s none of your business”.  It is your business and you are allowed to have this information.  EVERYONE needs to remember that this is a two-way street.  If you report it, you need to own it.

Things happen and administration needs to follow up.  We all understand.  Good administrative oversight makes all of our school lives better.  How they get to do this, however, is subject to the conditions outlined in the contract.  Just as they can hold us to the contract, we must do the same when it comes to administrative investigatory actions.  

Stay on your toes, support each other and do not be afraid to solicit advice from any LEA officer or Executive Board member.  Once again, these are your rights.